Blackboard embed directions

The Academic Integrity modules consist of a tutorial and a quiz.  They are separated intentionally to make the quiz “open book” and allow the student to review the tutorial at the same time as taking the quiz.  To embed both into your course and have the quiz completion result automatically added to your Blackboard gradebook, complete the following steps. **Note: While the modules can be viewed on mobile devices, the software used to build them still is not optimized for mobile use so it can be quite clunky.  For this reason, you may want to add note to your students that these are best viewed on a desktop / laptop and may not function correctly on a mobile device at this time.

Embed the tutorial

  1. Navigate to the area of your course where you would like to embed the tutorial. Choose “Build Content” from the dark gray horizontal menu, then “Item” (under Create).
  2. Title it whatever you would like (for example, Academic Integrity Tutorial).
  3. In the Text Editor, click on the “HTML” button (if you don’t see the HTML button, you may need to expand the text editor by clicking on the double chevron on the right side of the editor).
  4. In the HTML pop-up box that appears, copy/paste in the following code:
    <iframe width="980" height="711" src=""></iframe>
  5. Fill out any other options that you would like, then click “Submit”
  6. The tutorial will now be embedded in your course and your students will be able to view it. In the instructor view, however, you will have to turn editing off for it to appear.

Embed the quiz

  1. Download the quiz zip file.  Do not unzip it (if your computer does this automatically, delete the file you just downloaded and instead right click on the link and select “Save Linked File As…” or “Download Linked File As…”and then save it, it shouldn’t unzip if you do it this way).
  2. Navigate to the area of your course where you would like to embed the quiz (*note: You may want to put in in the same area as the tutorial so students can see both at the same time).  Choose “Build Content” and then “Content Package (SCORM)”.
  3. Click the “Browse my computer” button and open the quiz file you downloaded and then click Submit.
  4. Fill out the SCORM options.  You may leave all options as default except the following:
    • Section 2:
      1. Make SCORM Available: Yes
      2. Number of Attempts: Allow unlimited attempts
    • Section 3:
      1. Grade SCORM: SCORM Completion
  5. Make any other changes you would like (such as changing the title or due date), and click Submit.
  6. That’s it!  A gradebook column should now be automatically added and a checkmark will be displayed when a student passes.  Note that even though Blackboard displays a checkmark, the student will receive the number of points you specified when creating the assignment toward their cumulative points in the course.  Also, it will show an “in progress” symbol (looks like a timer)  if they have started the quiz or haven’t passed it yet.
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